The Power of Coffee

Eidolonai November 6, 2017

The wonderful aroma, the heavenly flavors, the warm felling of true bliss with every sip, we all know of the many excellent qualities of a great cup of coffee, however, I have found a higher power that can come from your favorite Venti java. I believe it can change the world one cup at a time if you choose to follow me down the coffee bean road (with cream of course).

Time to be Honest
Honestly, I have only been a true coffee drinker for about 2 years. I was a staunch believer in my love for a morning diet Coke, which I still enjoy once in a while especially from McDonalds, where they do something magical to that diet Coke that makes me do back flips. I have always marveled at the delicious scents, aromas, and various flavors available when my beautiful wife made her daily pot of coffee. The problem was always taking that first sip and I just could not appreciate the taste to the same level of the erotic smell in the air.

Why I Converted
As I mentioned, I have always been a diet Coke fan, however, I always worried a bit about what it was doing to my teeth, body, stomach, health, etc. and finally just made a decision that I was going to make the switch of being a coffee drinker. I also have read a lot about the antioxidant effect of coffee and the fact that is much more organic, which has to be better for me-right? I tried the mocha’s, latte’s, and so on until I decided the way to go was simply ordering a medium coffee with 2 creams, which seems to give me the boost I need without adding pounds to the love handles. I can honestly say that I now look forward to my early morning coffee, paper, and little slice of heaven to start each day.

Where is the True Power of Coffee?
What I learned was that most coffee places have a frequent buyer card that they will click a credit for you with each purchase and for every 10 cups of coffee bought you get the 11th free. Every morning I get my coffee and get my card punched and throw the card in the arm rest of my car. Once in a while I would remember to pull out a card and use it for the free coffee which was fine but did not really give me the jolt of excitement I thought it would, until one day. That day changed my coffee buying and thoughts on things forever. I was in the usual car line up in the drive thru with 4-5 other cars and I looked in the rear view mirror of my car and I saw the Sister from my church driving in a tiny little compact car that looked a bit neglected in repairs, however, she did not seem to mind at all by the smile on her face. At that instant a thought popped in my head that this wonderful woman goes through her day doing so many wonderful things for so many and no one probably ever thanks her or even knows what she has done and wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that for her right now. When it was my turn to pay I asked the attendant what the car behind me ordered and he said a large coffee so I handed him one of my fully punched frequent coffee cards and asked that he gave her my free coffee. I drove out of the parking quickly as I did not want her to see me, have time to track me down, or even know who paid. I just wanted it to be a small bit of kindness for her to start her day.

The Frequent Buyer Card is Alive

I am here to tell you that the true power of that little coffee frequent buyer card was felt like never before. I could only imagine how that random act of kindness put an even bigger smile on her face and how many more people she would probably help that day from the wonderful work she does. It also gave me a smile as I might have been able to make a small difference in someone’s life that day by using the coffee frequent buyer card that meant so little to me until that moment. Now I cherish every frequent buyer card I get and always look in my rear view mirror when I am in line to see whose day I can make a little better by just paying for their cup of coffee. I urge you to try this and change your own life instantly but more important someone else’s day, which if paid forward can change our world one cup of coffee at a time.

About the author:
Keith Krzywiecki is a registered Pharmacist from Wayne State University and has worked the past 17+ years in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a successful rep and District Sales Manager. Keith is a certified Dream Coach and the Founder/CEO of Rx To Dream. Rx To Dream focuses on guiding aspiring business professionals to reignite their talents through Achieving their dreams and Dream Interviewing. Keith is also a dynamic and energetic Inspirational speaker focusing on “Achieving your Dreams in 4 easy steps” and “Maximizing Your Success in the Dream Interviewing Process” Reach Keith at 810-844-0816.

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