The Right Dressing Table For You

Eidolonai December 22, 2017

Picking the right dressing table entails a great consideration of style, color and purpose. A dressing table does not just help you organize your things inside the room but it also gives you a spot in the bedroom where you can lavishly spend your time pampering your self and your entire ensemble. With a good choice of a dressing table, you ensure a good way of making up your appearance before you get out of the house for work.

There are so many significant considerations when buying a dressing table and shape is one. There are two kinds of dressing tables. The first one is that which is built with more drawers called console. A console is found perfect for tight spaces because it offers more horizontal drawers. Consoles come with lift up lid designs which can definitely hide clutters. On the other hand, you can also opt for the other kind of dressing table with one or two drawers on either side giving you some big space to sit. Pedestal tables are usually bulky but they are good storage places. Pedestals are especially crafted fro big spacious bedrooms.

Be it a vanity or the classy antique dressing table, you need to select the one with the perfect finish. Take for instance a classic wood table which should be painted and polished. A glamorous mirror may not be fit for families with little children. The energetic activities which children engage in may take the mirror prone to breakage. You wouldn’t want to end your savings in pieces of broken glass. If you take into consideration the space, you can take a table with a single mirror although a tri-fold mirror can give you the best all-around view.

Space is indeed a great factor for choosing a dressing table. Yet color is too. White dressing tables are perfect for clean look. A brown one gives you a touch of Victorian tang. The color of your table will be enhanced by a proper lighting above it. Illuminating it will create an ambiance of optimism and desire for more beautiful look. Moreover, check on the drawers if they glide smoothly and have stoppers to prevent them from falling of.

Dressing tables are women’s ultimate tandem in their beauty regimen. Opting for the ones that suit your needs are aids towards a more beautiful you. Polish your look before leaving your homes in dressing tables that reflect your lifestyle and taste.

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