The Top Coffee Myths Revealed

Eidolonai March 1, 2018

There are many rumors circulating about our beloved drink, coffee, so it is important to separate what is true and false to find out what you can really believe about your cup of Joe!

First of all, you may have heard the common rumor that you always need to give a drunk a cup of coffee to sober them up. This is actually not true in any way because all that will give you is an alert drunk on your hands. Furthermore, the use of coffee and caffeine in this manner can actually make the drunk person even more hungover as a result because coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate them to a greater degree. When you couple that with the alcohol that person has already had, then they will probably be in a world of hurt the next day.

Many people do depend on coffee and caffeine to perk them up and help them to face the day, but what they may not understand is that over time you will have a larger tolerance to Java, so you will need more to get you going. One effective way to counteract this is to split up your caffeine consumption throughout the day so that you don’t experience any unpleasant crashes as a result. This means that if you are accustomed to having about 3 cups of Joe in the morning to start your day, then you can just have one, and then have your second and third for morning and afternoon breaks, respectively. This is the recommended way to drink your coffee, and it also works to keep you at an optimal energy level throughout the day.

One thing to consider is how coffee may affect sleep. If you are drinking Java directly before you go to bed, then it will definitely cause disruption and the inability to sleep. It is completely fine to have normal coffee consumption throughout the day, but many health professionals recommend to stop your coffee drinking five or six hours before your bedtime if you are having trouble sleeping and happen to be sensitive to caffeine. One thing to keep in mind is that decaf coffee is often 97 to 99% caffeine free, so it will have trace amounts of caffeine in it if you are sipping a cup of decaf before you go to bed.

Last but not least, let’s talk about how coffee can potentially help you to increase your focus and productivity when you are working. This is probably the reason so many employers have large urns of coffee at all of their meetings, but coffee and caffeine use is known to speed up your reaction time so that you are able to perform complicated tasks more easily. This is perfect to get you through your work or school day, especially since studies have shown that Java consumption helps in problem solving, muscle coordination, and timing when handling crucial issues.

This is precisely why so many people rely on a cup of Joe to start their day!

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