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Eidolonai January 9, 2018

For any coffee lover across the UK, discovering a new coffee shop is even more exciting than their regular caffeine buzz. Mainly because coffee fans can explore and trial new menus; but also because of the atmosphere that can be found in these cosy coffee houses.
Serious coffee drinkers avoid the chains that blanket the UK high streets and opt for the independent coffee houses who usually offer a better tasting cup of coffee. Here is a list of some of the best in the UK, but there are many more yet to be discovered.

Opposite, Leeds
This Leeds cafe is the second from owner Lou Henry who set up Opposite 2 near Leeds University in 2005. Lou uses real chocolate instead of chocolate powder in her mocha drinks, and a higher coffee to milk ratio than your usual coffee shop. Every single cup is made fresh to order allowing each customer to have their own personal cup of coffee. Delicious!

Red Roaster, Brighton
This is one of the leading coffee shops on the south as it is unpretentious and friendly. Full of locals its a great place for a chat and a cup of hot coffee. Theres also an outdoor area which is great during the summer months for catching a tan, and often live music evenings.

Chocol8, Bournemouth
Situated in the high end of Bournemouth in Westbourne, Chocol8 is a chocolate specialist combined coffee house. Their coffee is freshly brewed and there is a wide range of chocolates to choose from to dip in your cappuccino! The decor here is fantastic, with leopard and cow print thrones and embellished wooden display cabinets. This is a small coffee lounge so not great for groups who should go somewhere bigger that has bench seating. Bournemouth has lots of coffee houses and cafes so youll be sure to find somewhere to get a good cup of coffee.

Kaffeine, London
Kaffeine is an Australian cafe just north of Oxford Street. They have speciality food suppliers and use Square Mile coffee beans renowned for being one of the worlds best coffee roasting companies. They also sell a delicious lunch menu consisting of soup, foccacia breads and homemade salads. This coffee shop is incredibly popular so it has a lot of bench seats to cater for its customers. Investing in a bench seat plan is great for small coffee shops that need to provide numerous seats!

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