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Eidolonai December 3, 2017

Spending time in a beautiful place

Adra is known as being the coastal town in Spain which attracts tourists due to its wonderful climate: the summers, as well as the winters, are warm and the temperatures are pleasant, not reaching levels which are hard to cope with. It is a place where tourists love to go because of the welcoming sun, the beautiful views and the relaxing and calm atmosphere that surrounds the entire city.

The history of Adra

Adra has an interesting history about how it appeared, similar to the history of so many places in Spain, because so many civilizations fought for them. After each civilization left the place it ruled for hundreds of years, its spirit and plenty of fingerprints were left behind, making Spain and all its corners such pleasant and interesting holiday destinations. The history of Adra starts in the 8th century BC, when the Phoenicians decided to found a city on the lands they had just discovered. The Phoenicians were followed by the Greeks, who transformed Adra into a very economic centre. The Greeks succeeded to make it flourish and made it a very attractive town due to its economical importance and its strategic location. This is the reason why it attracted the interest of the Carthaginians, as well as that of the Romans, who won it during the famous Punic Wars. Adra still preserves the historical sites that stand as proof of the interesting events of its past, sites which now represent major sightseeing points for the tourists who visit the town.

The attractions of Adra

The beaches in Adra are absolutely spectacular and most of them have been designated the European Blue Flag. The views that tourists enjoy when they go to the beach are overwhelming and extremely relaxing. The marine flora and fauna is very rich in the waters of Adra, making it a destination for those who like scuba diving and snorkelling. The marinas, as well as the fishing port, represent two main interest points in Adra. From the port, tourists can embark on one of the boats that offer trips along the coast or they can take walks along the promenade, enjoying the spectacular sunset. The cuisine is absolutely delicious, so Adra is also a perfect destination for gourmets; the fresh fish and the abundance of vegetables cultivated in the area are the perfect ingredients for tasty dishes. Enjoy!

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