The Versatility of the Lift Top Coffee Table

Eidolonai September 23, 2017

Have you ever wanted a functional table the could adjust and conform to fit your different needs? Maybe you want a traditional coffee table to fit the decor of the room and to act as table of this sort. But during certain times you would prefer a surface that sits up a bit and is more accessible; maybe it would even have a storage section where you can keep certain things out of view but in easy reach. A lift top coffee table may be just what you’re looking for.

Lift top end tables and coffee tables are becoming more popular because they are so versatile. They give you a surface that can be adjusted to different heights, while many of them also give you extra storage.

Storage Advantages

Some just have storage below the lift top, but some have additional compartments and drawers. This is a perfect place to store things like coasters, remote controls, magazines, books, crafts or even kids and pets toys. Anything you want to be handy, but you don’t necessarily want setting out all the time. This can be very helpful for keeping the room less cluttered, or even to keep things out of reach from pets or kids.


The raised top allows you to use the table in different ways. You can use it like a regular coffee table or you can use it like a sort of TV tray, only it’s better because the raised surface is typically larger than a typical tv tray. The raised surface can be used for a variety of things like working on your laptop in a more comfortable position, working on craft projects or even for help with entertaining.

Styles And Shapes

As the lift top becomes more popular the available styles are increasing. You can find them made with materials other than wood, like glass or marble. You can also find them in different shapes from the traditional rectangular shape, square, or even a wedge shape, like a piece of pie. The wedge shape tables work perfectly in a corner between two chairs or a couch and love seat.

To learn everything you could possibly need to know about these versatile furniture pieces, read Lift Top Coffee Table.

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