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Eidolonai March 22, 2018

The enticing aroma and awesome flavor of freshly ground coffee beans constitute the most fascinating elements of an espresso or brewed coffee. The antique coffee grinder is one style of a grinder capable of producing the natural aroma and coarseness of coffee grounds. This grinder when operated for a longer time ensures no overheating to retain the proper texture. The antique grinder is also very attractive and makes a kitchen look more classy and elegant.

Antique Coffee Grinders Style and Collectibles:

Antique coffee grinders come in different styles. There are antique coffee grinders that can be placed on the countertop of a kitchen. Other models are wall mounted. Some are made of metal design and unpainted wood material with natural shine. Such antique coffee grinders have intricate patterns painted on them. Their handles are of cast iron that makes it more beautiful.

There are also various collectible coffee grinders. One known traditional coffee mill manufactured around 1905 in Connecticut is the Parker Nation Coffee mill. It features a bronze finish top and a very attractive shape. Other most desired antique coffee grinders were created during the popular Art Deco Movement in the 1920s. The grinders have sleek designs. Such clean and intricate lines add to the general appeal.

Some of antique coffee grinders or Mills:

Arcade Crystal Aromatic Coffee Grinder or Mill with Original Catch Cup- No. 9010
The Arcade Crystal Aromatic Coffee Grinder is the last crystal series made in the 1920’s. The mill comes in its original black paint along with an all original finish. It has a pleasant lustrous design and has an art deco look in vertical lines that run throughout the mill.

The original catch cup of the mill is described as flawless. The lid is in very good shape. This very good condition wall mounted mill from Arcade can be purchased with a price of about $ 425.00.

Parker No. 449 Coffee Grinder or Mill
Charles Parker Companies manufactured Parker No. 449 Coffee Grinder in 1917. This antique coffee grinder has a hopper that consists of embossed markings to commemorate the date it was manufactured. There is also an inscription in the handle for the same purpose.

The Parker mill comes in original black Japanned finish and in tin lid. The mill has also an interior that is in good shape. This antique coffee mil includes an older replacement catch glass.

Steinfeld Coffee Grinder or Mill
The Steinfeld Coffee Mill was originally manufactured by T. Page and Son in 1907 for Steinfeld Brothers Company based in New York. The Steinfeld Brothers sold the mills and known as the earlier of two wall mount mills.

And this mill features unique assembly technique. Such technique involves the use of a wing which is not the upper part and one screw located on the lower section of the cast iron and this will act to hold it together.

The Steinfeld Coffee Mill is in very good original paint. It does not have any markings anywhere on the mill. There is also age catch cup that is well fitted in the cup holder.

Landers Frary & Clark No. 24 Coffee Grinder or Mill
This coffee mill made by Landers Frary & Clark in New Britain CT is believed to be one of the best wall mills. The Famous Edward MacMillan himself recognized this mill in his book “The MacMillan Index of Antique Coffee Mills.”

The mill features a rare original glass hopper. Such hopper is embossed with letters which are “Universal LF&C.” And the embossed letters retained their original gold highlights that are specifically around the main body.

The coffee mill features a fast release mechanism. This involves loosening of a bolt that will eventually remove the entire grinder from the wall for filling. And the mill comes in about 90 percent of its original finish and ready for use.

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