Top 5 coffee table top Materials to Choose from

Eidolonai August 24, 2017
leather coffee table with storage and trays

Once you start shopping around for coffee tables, you realise that there’s so much material variety to choose from that it can take a while before you make the final decision. From traditional woods to uniquely designed glass combinations, the material that your coffee table is made from can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your home’s décor scheme. To elaborate, here’s a list of the most popular types of coffee table materials that you’ll come across, and how you can style them to fit in with your living room décor.

This is one of the most widespread materials when it comes to making coffee tables. It fits in well with a modern design aesthetic, and can easily lend a calming and futuristic ambience to a living room space. Glass coffee tables work really well when topped with simple statement pieces and it’s best to keep the decorations as simple and minimalist as possible, as the glass material brings enough wow factor on its own. In general, glass pairs well with like materials and cool tones. So a glass vase with vibrant flowers, or a metal statue/ sculpture looks especially fetching atop a shimmering glass table.

If you’re looking for a super durable, child-friendly and hassle free coffee table, then metal is the way to go. It’s usually made from alloys like aluminium steel or iron, and can be either polished or matte depending on your preferences. It’s also common to find metal coffee tables with glass top or wooden legs, and is a fitting addition to any space. The most attractive feature of a metal table is the low maintenance it requires, and it’s not fussy when it comes to decorations either.

Wood is another common coffee table material, and adds a charming, warm and inviting character to a living space. For a more traditional approach, opt for reclaimed wood instead of new, and top it with little knick-knacks like floral arrangements, family pictures or mini sculptures. It’s also easier to change around the decorations on a wooden coffee table to complement the seasons or special occasions. Just be sure to use coasters and trivets to protect from liquid rings and other marks.

For those who want a comfortable spot to put their feet up on after a long day, look no further than an upholstered coffee table. While it requires more maintenance and can be quite tricky to decorate, an upholstered coffee table provides a super comfortable option for an elegantly furnished living room.
It’s not uncommon for most people to leave an upholstered coffee table undecorated, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add a little something to warm the space up a bit. One idea would be to place a wooden tray with a diagonally arranged and vibrantly colored kitchen cloth, topped with a mini glass fragrance diffuser.

If you’re going for an elegant, traditional and sophisticated look, then a stone coffee table might do it for you. A slate or marble topped stone table looks divine as the centre of an eclectically designed living room. Plus, you can have the shape of the table customised to your preferences. When it comes to maintenance, it’s usually a breeze, although some designs like marble can be a bit finicky when it comes to upkeep, and you’ll have to use coasters and trivets to protect from food and liquid marks.

Well, there you have it, the most popular coffee table materials on the market and how you can decorate it to suit your style. Happy shopping!

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