Tree Trunk Coffee Table for Artistic Look

Eidolonai April 13, 2014
wood tree trunk coffee table

Some people think that to purchase furniture, for example coffee table, the consideration that lies in the material is exactly important. However, this also leads, sometimes, to the artistic look ideas that the material can present to pamper the sight. Wood, for example, brings an art design with the tree trunk coffee table. This table brings not only durability, but also an aesthetic view which is very strong in the natural shape and colour that the tree trunk delivers to make the atmosphere more homey and earthy, since this is indirectly connected to the nature.

DIY Tree trunk Table

You can have plans to make a coffee table from trunk. First, you need to cut a palm tree into two similar shapes, which must be the same height. Then, the skin must be shaved. After that, you can sand it using a grit sandpaper while ensuring every side becomes evenly smooth. It is suggested to have a large, around 1 inch piece of glass cut to do this. The final thing to do is to place your table in any places you want, and cover it with a glass on the top.

If you thing that DIY is wearying, you have a choice to purchase it in the market. Reviews come for two recommended products. Mid Century Live Edge Vintage Burl Drift Wood Tree Trunk Slab Coffee Table, for example, which is offered in $495.00, apparently is expensive but the durability is exactly priceless that you can enjoy besides its artistic look. Another table is Tree Trunk Side tables, Tree Trunk Entrance table, Bear Coffee Table. This white finishing touch on the table strengthens minimalist modern to your house of this entrance and tree trunk coffee table.

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