Understanding Coffee Roasting Process

Eidolonai January 2, 2018

With reduction of coffee roasting at home, it became necessary to establish coffee roasting enterprises that would process enough coffee to satisfy the increasing demand. Fresh Coffee Coffee roasting is now a major process in coffee processing factories. Coffee roasting is necessary because from the process, coffee obtains its flavor. Although unroasted coffee contains all the contents of roasted coffee, it lacks the characteristic taste of coffee, which can only be obtained through roasting. In roasting fresh coffee beans, they expand and change in color. The taste, smell and density also change. These changes do not however transform coffee substances that include protein, caffeine and acids. As the beans get heated during the roasting process, these substances react, giving coffee its flavor.
Coffee roasting is a long process that starts with sorting of fresh coffee beans supplied by growers to a roasting factory. The sorting is necessary any debris and low quality beans that may not produce best results. After the sorting, the coffee beans are then delivered to a roasting machine. The actual roasting time varies and can range between 3 to 30 minutes at varied degrees between 188 to 282 degrees centigrade. Roasting coffee beans at varied temperatures produces different taste as follows:
” Light roasting – This is undertaken for about 3 minutes at high temperature. Light roasting leads to the fresh coffee beans expanding in size but dry. Coffee beans roasted lightly have a high content of acidity and lack the roast flavor.
” Medium roasting – This takes between 5 to 10 minutes at high temperature. Although the coffee beans are still dry as in light roasting, they are sweeter and have aroma.
” Full roast – This takes between 10 to 20 minutes, with the coffee beans turning silvery because of their oil content. The beans exhibit a distinctive coffee aroma and are very spicy. Roast flavor is evident.
” Double roast – This takes the full 30 roasting minutes at very high temperature. Coffee beans start to produce smoke because they become extremely oily. This level of roasting produces spicy, aromatic coffee that most people are used to.
Coffee produced at these different roasting levels are graded in the same way. This how light, medium, high city, and full city coffee are obtained.
” Roasted coffee beans are usually left to cool before packaging. Since they continue to emit carbon dioxide, the cooling can take several days. Upon cooling, roasted beans can be subjected to other processes such as grinding to obtain ground coffee. Ground coffee is obtained by grinding roasted beans using special machines designed for the purpose.

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