Unique Birthday Gifts For Unique People!

Eidolonai December 10, 2017

Wondering what to buy your loved ones for their next birthday? Well, if you are thinking about that photo frame you saw at the antique store, or the sweater that’s available on discount at the exports store down the road, let us stop you there. We’re going to give you ideas that cannot be categorized, ideas that are truly out of the box, unique birthday gifts that are customized for that special someone.

Not all five fingers are the same, God made a conscious effort to make each individual different, with a unique set of characteristics and abilities. We need to honor that, celebrate individuals on their special day, by bestowing on them gifts that were made, especially for them. After all, that’s how God intended for it to be. Everybody loves surprise, and a birthday surprise no matter how unexpected is bound to be pleasant. So ensure your gifts keep intact a surprise element. A few things you should consider while narrowing down a gift for your loved ones are their likes and dislikes. Your gifts do not necessarily have to be tangible, intangible gifts can be just as pleasing and unique.

How about a gift that lasts the entire day? Starts from the moment they wake up and ends when you want it to. Make sure you call in ahead at their workplace and ask for leave. Then ensure you slide in before their awake. Make a fancy breakfast and greet them in bed with a hot cup of coffee. Plan a spectacular day, make sure they feel pampered, book a day at the spa, lunch at their favorite restaurant, catch the latest movie, basically indulge in a day that says, I am a year older today and I don’t care. However, make sure all this is planned, your appointments are taken, movie tickets booked and lunch reservations made.

Everyone loves birthdays, but no one likes growing old. A birthday gifts would be a situation, where one is made to feel like a child. A Blind fold might come in handy here. A trip to the local zoo, maybe even the circus, will take years off. The idea is to purge the mind of all the stress that collects all week long and rejuvenate one to enjoy the year ahead.

Another spectacular idea would be to make a film. Snippets from their lives, told by people closest to them, caught on camera and tightly rolled into moving pictures. Making a film is very easy, the software is easily available, and you could catch shots on a mobile phone, just string them together, add some music and you are good to go!

Impressions, always unique, how about you capture them for life. On an unsuspecting evening, get them to paint their hands and coerce them to make an impression on a sheet of paper. Then quietly, put yours next to it. Add in a line that says, ‘You’ve made an impression on me!’ Frame it!

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