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Eidolonai December 18, 2017

All the friends and family members will gather together on Christmas, of course, people need to dress more striking than usual! You may wear the eye-catching woolen coat to match with a dark and low collar shirt, then wear a pair of high-heeled boots, and finally, bring the newest bagsok leather bag, it is fashion absolutely!
The brilliance is the choice on Christmas of course! But you should ensure at least one bright and shining dress in 2010 Christmas. The glaring red is in line with the atmosphere of Christmas, so you can wear it to make a date.
Imagine ordering a mini-dress consistent with your body proportion, and you will be the Dancing Queen on Christmas Party.
Christmas dress has various styles, including charming cheongsam dress, cute little cape and sexy miniskirt. And the best one is the red skirt. The sequin skirt and the sexy black fishnet stockings, coupled with the charming eyes make many men attract by her.
Angela Levin once said: Festival make-up should have beautiful color and flashing light. In the new make-up trend this year, all the shiny and tempted are worth trying.
A little silver or golden eyeliner can make your eyes look more attractive. And the eye shadows in bronze and champagne colors can create a charming effect. Coupled with a little shiny silver near the eye liner and black eye shadow around the eyes, then use the silver or bronze color to create layered sense, in order to be more attractive, you can paint the purple – black eyeliner to enhance the effect on the eye make-up.
The hairstyle for long hair in winter for a date is essential, and you can learn from those lovely Japanese fashion models about how to mix the gentle, quiet, young and sexy appearance together, which could not resist by your boyfriend.
Before you practice in the party, you can prepare a small gift, if you do not understand the hobby of the owners, usually, the wine, snacks and fruit are safer choices. After the party, if you want to express your gratitude to the host, a more formal approach is to send your thankful card as soon as possible.
As for the dress, if it is not the vigorous dance party, men can wear the traditional suit. However, the women dress is more complicated, needing the coats, evening dress (simpler dress will be ok), scarves, earrings, accessories, brooches and so on generally.

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