Unique features allow you to customize your pool to meet your needs

Eidolonai November 14, 2017


Ever dreamed of having a fun-filled backyard family paradise? Well, you can if you install a swimming pool.  Because of the resurgence in pool installations more families are enjoying “stay-cations” in their backyards.  


Whatever your budget, there is likely a swimming pool and a swimming pool contractor who can help you fulfill your swimming pool dreams. In addition to a swimming pool being a fun way to spend a warm summers’ day, it is also a great way to exercise for people who are looking for a low impact way to work out.


If you live in an area of the country where you are blessed with almost year-round summer or even if you live in one of the cooler areas of the country you can benefit by using a solar heating cover. With a solar cover you harness the heat from the sun to help regulate your pools’ temperature without having to run a pool heater.


Installing an infinity or vanishing edge pool is something to consider if you have a yard with a view that would lend itself to this innovative pool design. These pools give the illusion that they are either never-ending or that they are falling off the edge of the yard.


If you have the space for an indoor pool, it’s a great way to install a pool that you can enjoy year-round. If you opt for an indoor pool make certain you choose a pool contractor who can provide you with design, pool heating and ventilation system and one that comes with a fully insulated air distribution system to help alleviate condensation and humidity issues.


Pools with moveable floors are another new and innovative approach to swimming pools and entertaining space. With a moveable pool floor you can program it for multiple uses; with merely the touch of a button you can vary the depth of the pool according to your needs and you can turn your pool into a dry dock!


The swimming pool industry is constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the families who install them for use as a place to not only relax but as an entertaining area in the back yard.

Robbi Hess is a blogger/editor for www.poolinfosite.com where she blogs about all things pool-related.


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