Use a Bean Vacuum to Store Your Coffee

Eidolonai February 10, 2018

There are many myths surrounding coffee storage, which I would love to clear up for you. Truthfully, you do need to be very particular in the way that you store your coffee beans, and please do not tell me that you are still buying the pre-ground variety.

When coffee is freshly ground, it can begin to go stale within a half-hour, meaning that if you are purchasing it pre-ground at the grocery store, then it will definitely be stale. If you want to preserve the best flavors and decadent aromas in your Java, then you do need to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans. The shelf life of coffee is 10 to 14 days, so for the best taste, consider purchasing it freshly from an online website where the beans are roasted directly before they are shipped. Unless you live next to an artisan coffee roaster to give you fresh beans, then this is your best option by far.

If you do not properly store your coffee beans from that point, then they have the opportunity to oxidize and immediately become bitter. This is also why it is important to focus on the way that you store your coffee beans so that they can remain fresh and flavorful for as long as possible. This is where the Bean Vac comes into play. This is a handy device that will remove all air from your coffee bean storage, which is exactly what you need to make sure that they do not lose their freshness from oxidation. You may have tried to vacuum pack your beans yourself, only to find that it is incredibly difficult. There is no foolproof way to remove air completely from your bag of coffee beans to protect them during storage, unless you are using the Bean Vac, that is.

This is a device sold for $ 40, and it will hold a full pound of coffee beans. The lid seals and locks tightly, and there is a vacuum pump that will suck all air out of the container. This device runs on four AA batteries, and it also can be used to store other perishable items, like chocolate or cookies. This brings me to my point, which is that you do need to keep in mind that coffee is definitely a perishable item, so you should not allow it to sit around for more than two weeks at a time.

You do need to hold your coffee in the highest regard, so it is best to only buy as much coffee as you can drink for up to two weeks. Again, make sure that you are freshly grinding your coffee beans before you brew for the best flavor profile available to you, which you definitely will have because of the convenience in guaranteed freshness through the Bean Vac. Coffee lovers everywhere will enjoy the use of this handy vacuum canister to store their coffee beans in, which is just one more reason to brew up a cup of Joe any day!

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