Vintage Touch of Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 14, 2014
wine enthusiat wine barrel coffee table

Furniture does not only stand for the matter and the color they present to the home owners. Other significant factor is also the design. Design brings a special effect to the visual attraction of furniture, for example coffee table. This table will be stunning and outstanding table, which can be different from the former common table if it has a beautiful and artistic design. There are many ideas, concept, and designs for having a decorative coffee table, in which one of them is wine barrel coffee table. The wine barrel strengthens the vintage style and creates aesthetic perspective. Besides, it is unique design to be set in your house.

Be Creative with DIY Project

If you do have the plans to create your own wine barrel table, this exactly will be great. The materials you need certainly wine barrel. First, you need to assemble the barrel so that it will break into two parts. Use a grit sandpaper to smooth the surface of the barrel. Next, you can move to stain your barrel. A special walnut, for instance, is a dark classic color to have. Then, using a wood screws, reinstall the metal that firstly has been removed. After that you need to measure the base of the table so that you can put the right size rectangular table top. The last touch is adding the accessories that go well with the style.

This table is also sold in the market with various reviews. Oak Wine Barrel Pub Table, Handcrafted from used wine barrel, 36″ H x 26″W gives a natural look that is finished with a semi gloss polyurethane and equipped with a single side storage. Other simple table is a $325.00 wine barrel coffee table that can house 4 persons.

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