Weslo Inversion Table $99 Brand New Weslo Flex Inversion Table

Eidolonai December 2, 2017

Weslo Inversion Table just $ 99 Brand New

The Weslo Inversion Table Flex system helps reduce pressure on your spinal column and increase blood circulation.

The Weslo Inversion Table has 28 great reviews at Amazon that are all 4 or 5 star reviews and at just $ 99 shipped to your door this inversion table by Weslo just can’t be beat. To the left is a picture of this Weslo inversion table. Shipping time is just over a week. Here is a larger picture of this Weslo Inversion Table so you can see it more clearly.

The main benefits of the Weslo Inversion Tables include:

Weslo Inversion table helps decrease pressure on spine and increase blood flow to body’s extremities.
Release muscle tension and tone your musculature via gradual stretching after your workout routine.
Weslo padded nylon bench provides comfort and support, and foam padded handlebars help you achieve proper form and balance.
Height, ankle lock, and pivot bar are adjustable to accommodate variety of users
Safety tether allows you to control the system’s angle of inversion.

You would think this Weslo inversion table that is that inexpensive, $ 99, would be real rickety and cheap.  It is actually extremely stable and strong.  You just plop right into it put your feet under the hooks at the bottom, flip yourself upside down, and away you go all your back problems. The first time you use this Weslo Inversion Table system it will kind of freak you out when you are upside down for the first few seconds.

What Hanging Upside down in this Weslo Inversion Table is like

Hanging upside down like that takes a little getting use to but once you do it is the most relaxing and wonderful way to relax. You can literally feel your spine stretching out. This inversion table really is a miracle and even if you do not have any spine problems or pain and you are perfectly healthy this Weslo inversion table or ANY inversion table for that matter are really wonderful to experience and you will absolutely become hooked and addicted to hanging upside down! This exact model of Weslo inversion tables is guaranteed to support up to 300 lbs.

If your main interest in Weslo inversion tables is the low price then you should also take a look at the Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table which is only $ 88 brand new and shipped except the guaranteed body weight maximum on that inversion table is 250lbs where as the Weslo inversion table is 300 lbs.

Either inversion table is a great deal and they are both under $ 100 shipped to your door. One single trip to the chiropractor is more than either inversion table.

Actual Customer Review of this exact Weslo Inversion Table*****

For the money you just can’t beat the Weslo Inversion table! I looked at several others offered on Amazon and it seemed to me the price and other reviews for this model were strong so I ordered it; I’m really glad I did. 

It arrived almost two weeks before promised, it was packed well and the box was easy to open. The assembly was simple with easy to follow excellent illustrations – (and believe me I’m not very handy) – and I found all of the parts to be sturdy and fit together seamlessly. 

I had previously tried another model at the sporting goods store by I found the ankle attachment much less hard on me on this one. I really couldn’t be happier and if you compare it to other models the price and workmanship are flat out excellent. 

The only thing I would recommend you do is get on Youtube and watch some video’s to get a sense of how to use it in advance; since it does not come with a video that will be a must. The instructions in the manual are well written but you really should watch someone using a table before you tackle it; and do not try it alone at first!!! 

I’ve only used it a couple of days but I’m amazed that most of my morning back pain (that I’ve had for years now) has gone away!! It is really an amazing thing!

This is one of 28 similar reviews of this inversion table

Here is a page showing the cheapest inversion tables possible starting at around $70 brand new all of them shipped to your door in about 10 days.


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