What Are Slate Pool Tables Anyway?

Eidolonai October 29, 2017

Just what is a slate bed pool table? Well cheap pool tables have a wooden playing surface, usually MDF which will inevitably get warped over time, so the surface will not be flat any more. A slate pool table on the other hand has a playing surface made of slate as the name suggests, which because it is made of rock, will last a lifetime with no fear of warping. Slate is also very flat and smooth, an ideal surface for playing any of the billiards family of games.

However there is a snag, and you’ve probably guessed it, the slate tables are a LOT more expensive. Even the cheaper ones come in at £700 or so compared to £130 or so for the wooden bed tables. But the extra is well worth it if you can stretch to it, as the playing experience is far superior on the slate bed tables.

The slate pool tables come in various sizes depending on what version of pool you are playing. English pool tables for example, are only 7 foot long and 4 foot wide. After the English sized tables come the Americans. The American pool table is larger at typically 8 or 9 foot and use the bigger pool balls of 2 ¼ inch. The American pool cues are slightly different too having a bigger tip size of 12 and 13 millimetres whereas English pool cues have a tip size of 9 millimetres. The American tables are also much more expensive as well with the cheapest version well over a £1000. This size of table is also popular in Europe with some of the best tables coming from Italy.

Then there are the pool dining tables; how cool would it be to have dinner at home and then convert the dining table into a pool table for the evening’s entertainment? However these are amongst the most expensive type of slate pool tables, with prices starting at £2500 and up from there. And you will have to get special chairs as well as the dining pool table is higher than normal dining tables.

So whatever type of slate pool table you want there will be one available at the price to suit you whether it is the cheaper English tables or the super luxury Italian tables or even a pool table diner. Just make sure the table you choose has a slate playing surface.

Author George Pennwood, click here for more info on a slate pool table


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