What do coffee tables mean to you?

Eidolonai September 17, 2017

There are many questions about simple coffee tables. However, there is nothing simple about these tables. coffee tables can be a focal point in your room, they can be very plain simple pieces of furniture or they can be grand ornate statement pieces of furniture. Function over form is one way to go with tables, but style as well as function is achievable as well. There are a bewildering array of different styles, materials and looks to the humble coffee table, but choosing one is very easy. What do you use your table for is one of the first questions you need to ask when looking around for a new table.

If you don’t want your table to dominate or be a focal point in your room then there are unassuming styles, materials and colours. If you want pure function then a simple table with a shelf underneath will suffice. Oh but why go for just function? Why not go down the route of the wow factor and get something that will be noticed in your room. There are coffee tables that will draw the eye and admiring glances from all who enter the room. Choosing tables that give you that wow factor and functionality is easy.

There are contemporary coffee tables and they can look fantastic if your room is in a modern style. Chrome and glass or high lacquer finishes can look simply stunning in the right setting. There are some very individual styles like silver embossed with curved, carved ornate legs or mirror tables that will reflect light back into your room. Really, the only thing that limits you when selecting tables is your imagination.

So now I have you thinking of how gorgeous coffee tables can be, why go for ordinary? You can go for extraordinary and have people ask when they walk in the room “where did you get that table? I want one”. How smug and pleased would you feel if someone admired your choice of coffee table. We probably all go for something that fits in our room, and if it’s matching coffee tables you want there will be many that will fit in with the other furniture in your room. All you really need to know is price and where you can get exactly what you want.

My personal choices of tables are along the lines of individuality with style and some storage! Many of us have limited space and we have to consider having some storage with our tables. Maybe you need to keep your glasses on or near the table, as you need them for watching TV. It could be that you want somewhere to store the remote controls that are a permanent feature of our lives. coffee tables with storage are a good idea, and there is still hundreds of striking, good-looking tables out there that will fit that bill perfectly.

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