What Does Kenyan Coffee Taste Like?

Eidolonai March 25, 2018

Kenyan coffee is rising in popularity because of the rich and complex flavors that it has to offer within the bean. And if you too are a true lover of Java, then I am sure that you want to know all about the bean and what kind of flavors you will get before you brew your first pot. It is really great to begin to explore all different regions of the world that produce Java because you are going to get something different every time. That is why so many lovers of Java are called coffee sommeliers because they are actually enjoying their brew in a way that they can pair it as one would with a fine wine to each meal.

Kenyan beans are actually exported through Nairobi in an auction which causes extensive price wars to which a farmer can offer the most competitive price on the crop. There are actually many smaller farms operating in Kenya as opposed to large plantations, which yields many independent farmers harvesting their beans. The beans themselves produced in Kenya are wet processed, which means that all four layers that encase the bean itself are removed in a manner that preserves the acidity and leads to a cleaner and brighter taste where you can still detect the undertones of fruit in the brew. This is a newer method that is preferred by many different harvesting communities. All of the beans that are exported from Kenya have a specific grade, which is based on the size of the bean, and the scale starts with AA as the largest bean, and then A, and then B, successively.

Since Java production is a popular method of income for many Kenyans, there are said to be almost 6 million Kenyans producing beans currently. It would only make sense that this is a booming region for Java, and it is mostly grown around Mt. Kenya, Kisii, Nakuru, and Kericho. One of the main benefits to the harvesting of the beans in Kenya is that the soil itself is acidic so it yields an excellent harvest. The taste that you’ll find in your brew from Kenya will have an intense flavor, heavy body, and full aroma that makes it stand out completely. The harvesting of Java did not begin in Kenya in till the late 1800s, even though it is closely located to Ethiopia, where coffee was believed to have been birthed. The most popular type of bean that comes from Kenya is AA, which is the classification that I mentioned above. All of the beans are first milled, and then they are graded according to their size. The fact that Kenya produces so many AA beans means that they are much larger and known for being the highest quality available.

I encourage you to try a robust Kenyan coffee that will give you berry and citrus flavors with tones of spice and a smooth finish, like the Kenya Coffee Beans AA, which are available whole, or in any grind consistency for only $ 10.95. A small price to enjoy something so exotic!

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