What is in Coffee Pods?

Eidolonai November 30, 2017

Have you ever made yourself a cup of coffee using a Keurig coffee pod and wondered what exactly was inside of a K-cup? Wonder no more! Let this brief guide tell you how a coffee pod is constructed and why it can offer a quality cup of coffee so quickly. 

The Foil

You’ve seen the foil on top of your coffee pod. This is adhered to the top of the pod as soon as the coffee is placed into to filter. It is not supposed to be removed at any point, just let the needle of the Keurig brewer puncture it when you put the K-Cup into the machine. The needle also acts as a high-pressure hot water spout, and the rest of the foil cap is an important part of its function. 

The Coffee & Filter

Underneath the foil is where the magic happens. A miniature coffee filter-almost identical to the ones you use in a traditional basket-brew coffee maker-is filled with a couple teaspoons of coffee grounds. There is a space between the bottom of the filter and the K-cup were the liquid can brew momentarily before dripping into your mug. The water nozzle that punctured the foil lid fills the coffee pod with hot water. The high temperature and pressure created brew the coffee almost instantly, allowing your coffee to brew quickly and with optimum flavor. 

The Plastic Pod

The plastic pod houses the filter and coffee grounds. Before being sealed it is flushed with nitrogen and then sealed to be air-tight and water-tight so the contents can be shelf stable. The plastic pod is recyclable after its contents have been removed. When the coffee is being brewed, the Keurig brewer creates a pin-sized whole in the bottom of the pod where the coffee can flow into your cup. 

The anatomy of a coffee pod is very simple, but very effective. Because of the intense pressure and heat maintained in the pod, even momentarily, the coffee is able to brew into a robust flavor.

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