When Children Learn Times Tables Well This Helps Develop Maths Confidence

Eidolonai January 19, 2018

The fear of talking before an audience is very well known.

Not so many will be aware of the anxiety and discomfort that hundreds and thousand of adults and children have with maths related subjects such as the requirement to learn times tables.

Being anxious over maths subjects can badly affect the ability to remember and clearly being less confident of their ability to do maths.

The important thing for your children is to avoid the fear factor and increase confidence when it comes to maths and to do this in their schools years. This way leads to better progress in school.

This is so important for when your children learn times tables.

Three things can add to children’s lack of confidence in maths; not being able to know the answers straight away, the fact that their classmates can see whether they know the answer, and the short time in which they have to answer maths questions.

Marilyn Curtain-Philips in her brilliant article The causes and Prevention of Math Anxiety, says that children would do much better in a school environment and classroom which has been properly planned.

This means planning the class in such away as to help children to feel more confident and is a place where wrong answers to questions are managed in a helpful and encouraging way.

I’m not in charge of the classroom I can hear you say, what can I do to help?

Of course you as a parent are not in control of the classroom, however, there is one place where you do have control. Where? Where you live, your home!

Here you can make a big difference to your children’s confidence in maths.

You can make a huge impact to your children’s maths confidence in general by helping them learn times tables really well. By knowing this area of maths well they can feel more confident in other areas. To help your children learn times tables what can you do?

A great way for your children to easily progress and learn times tables is to get them to use audio times tables worksheets.

Yes, you will see testing with these but it is not in front of classmates,

There is therefore no anxiety in getting the answer wrong in front of their classmates and if a wrong answer is given the audio feedback happens straight away and the correct answer given without a fuss being made.

This is a really big thing, before being tested using audio times tables worksheets, your children can learn times tables so well that they easily have an Instant Recall ability to answer the questions.
What needs to happen for this?

Easy, your children can learn times tables using an Instant Recall technique. This means using a range of things to make it easy for children to remember the times tables; movement, colourful images, and speaking.

With the times tables learned your children will have greater confidence to tackle more maths.

What is the conclusion to all this?

Audio times tables worksheets plus an Instant Recall technique used to learn times tables results in your children knowing the times tables. How? Less time pressure, no feeling anxious in front of classmates and the creation of the ability to know the answers.

So, your children will learn times tables very, very well!

What does this do?

Because they have done so well in one area of maths and been able to learn times tables, they can feel more confident about learning other areas of maths.

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