Why Slate Pool Tables Are the Number 1 Choice

Eidolonai December 15, 2017

There are many factors to consider when buying a pool table, whether you’re buying for the home or buying for a bar or other venue. As well as deciding on the most appropriate design, the right frame material, and even the colour of the felt that you wish to use, you will also need to determine whether you want a slate pool table or one using an alternative material. Regulation and professional tables all use slate beds because of the quality but is it a feasible option for the home buyer?

No Question

The pool playing purist will tell you that there is no other option except to buy a slate bed pool table and in many respects they would be correct. The fact is that slate is used primarily because of how flat and strong it is. Even though the slate is often constructed in three parts, a good slate bed will run true and will withstand any use and virtually any abuse you can throw at it. If you consider the fact that pool tables often have people laid out across them to take long shots it is understandable that manufacturers and users continue to rely on slate.

Added Strength

The strength of slate can’t be exaggerated in the case of pool table design. Traditional, old pool tables used slabs of slate as thick as 2″ or even 3″ thick but this is now considered to be overkill. 1″ thick slate is more than ample for the job in hand and by reducing the amount of slate used by half or more it reduces costs and, equally as importantly, it reduces the weight of the table too.


Pool tables made from hardwood and slate are heavy and they can be very difficult to move so if you intend to move house or change rooms around in the near future you might want to consider waiting before purchasing a slate bed billiard table. However, it is this weight that in part gives the slate its strength.

Long Life

The natural slate that is used in pool table construction has a very long life and as a result this means that slate pool tables typically enjoy a much longer life than wooden or synthetic based pool tables. What’s more, the qualities of the slate mean that throughout its life, the slate bed will continue to provide a flat and true playing surface.

Difficult To Damage

A slate bed does not chip, break, or splinter easily and it will certainly withstand normal and use and even some abnormal use. Liquid spills on a wooden table can be devastatingly damaging, leading to warping of the bed and eventually to an unplayable surface. With slate this is considerably less of a problem; although you should dry the spill as quickly as possible to prevent too much damage to the felt or the wooden frame.

The Ultimate Quality Pool Table Bed

The main reason that players choose slate bed pool tables is the quality, uniformity, and consistency that it offers. Every shot you play will be smooth and exactly as you play it. The ball won’t deviate from its line and you will get a longer run on the balls. If you’ve ever played on a wooden table and a slate table then you will undoubtedly appreciate the discernible differences between the two styles of pool table.

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