Why Wooden Side Tables Are a Good Buy

Eidolonai September 16, 2017

There’s no denying the beauty and craftsmanship of a quality piece of wood furniture. But sometimes you simply don’t need all of that wood. Wooden side tables offer the same advantages of full-sized and coffee tables, in a compact version that’s useful and will fit right in with the rest of your setup. It’s just a table, though, right? Wrong. Find out why wooden side tables deserve a second glance.


The main draw to wooden side tables and end tables is how much space they save in living rooms and on patios. Dining tables, dinette tables and coffee tables are all useful if you require more space to enjoy a meal, get work done, put your feet up, etc. But often times we don’t need so much space, just a spot to store a drink, or a TV remote. Large tables are the kiss of death for small areas and apartment style living. They make spaces look smaller, and you’ve probably bumped your shin more than once trying to get around it. Maximize your counter space with bar seating and consider doing away with the full-sized table all together. Wooden side tables will really open up a room.


The second bonus is that you can put wooden side tables just about anywhere. The living and family rooms are the most common spot, but end tables can be used in the bedroom as nightstand, by the front door as a key holder and in the bathroom as an extra space to store soaps and hand towels. Then there’s the outside. Wooden side tables are often made from hardwoods and other durable lumbers that are suitable to the outdoors. Many of these woods are also treated with protective varnishes and oils. You can place these tables on the front porch, back patio or in the garden. Want somewhere to set your lemonade as you watch the sunset from your deck? Voila. The versatility of these tables goes hand in hand with their many locations.


Finally, wooden side tables are perfect in a pinch when you need some extra table space, or for outdoor gatherings. Pair these end tables with some Adirondack chairs and you won’t even need a large patio table clogging up your deck space. It’s like taking a full sized table and breaking it into smaller pieces that can be placed at each guest’s side. This way, it’s more convenient for people not having to walk over to set down their plate if they’re not seated directly at the table, while providing a private little area upon which they can keep their things.

Dining tables and coffee tables most certainly have their place in the world. When you’re sitting down to a meal, when your child is doing homework, wooden side tables won’t do. They’re too small. But it’s their small size that makes them such lifesavers for other things when you don’t have room for something bigger. Ideally, you should use wooden side tables in conjunction with your other indoor or patio furniture as an accompaniment, or wingman, say, to your regular table.

Tonya Kerniva is an experienced research and free lance writing professional. She writes actively about Wooden Side Tables and Coffee Tables.

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