Wood Slab Coffee Slab – Tips and Review

Eidolonai April 19, 2014
wood slab coffee table

There is possibility that you will be confused and overwhelmed by the many options of wood slab coffee table available. In the internet, even more, there are many beautiful, unique and artistic coffee tables that suit your needs and budget. However, you need to focus on your concept and find the one that suits your home decor.


Talking about finding the best coffee table, you will have something to do with reviews. Many reviews are available in the internet, provides you valuable information and recommendation on the best coffee tables out there. You may also want to make sure you have clear picture of what kind of coffee table you need according to the home décor plans.

Review of Two Products

Sierra Coffee Table can be one of those coffee tables you can consider. This one is a unique furniture piece that doubles the art it already has. An oblong wood piece that is flat sits on the top of a long base that is rugged in order to form the table. This table is suitable for any setting of Western style ideas. Because of the reclaim of the nature, each of the pieces will have a slightly different look, with no less beauty on them. The other coffee table is Bolacha Coffee Table, Aluminum Base. This coffee table is made from wood that is reclaimed beautiful. This table is piece that is an heirloom-quality kind. It is perfect as a center of your living space, because it has creates nice ambiance to the room. It is a round sop slab type that shows exquisiteness. With the wood grain of Tamburiuva, the piece interest is heightened, making this wood slab coffee table worth of complement and beauty.

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