Wooden Side Tables Make a House a Home

Eidolonai September 16, 2017

Furniture is one of the many things, along with memories and keepsakes that make your home personal, a sanctuary and a spot to call your own. But some things, like wooden side tables, are not at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to decorating. Wooden side tables are like the Tupperware of the furniture world: they’re not terribly exciting but incredibly useful. See all of the different ways a side table can upgrade your home.

From the moment you get home…
…There’s the stuff that defines our lives but makes an equally large clutter. Wooden side tables are also great for the foyer, which is often a small area and thus you don’t want much furniture taking up space so that people can easily get in and out. A side table is perfect for by the door to throw your keys, hats and gloves. Or, you can put photos and candy bowls for your guests, or for a mint on the go.

Time to kick back…
…The living room, family room and the den are all traditional spots to have wooden side tables. They’re perfect for holding drinks, remote controls, etc. and they offer more room than larger coffee tables. Keep your phone and other belongings at arm’s length so you won’t have to miss a moment of your favorite TV show when someone calls.

Life al fresco…
…If you’re lucky enough to have a patio or deck area then you can appreciate the luxury of an outdoor space to call your own. Wooden side tables are convenient for keeping drinks and ashtrays on while enjoying your backyard. They are also perfect for having friends over for a barbecue. Small tables take up less room than a big patio table and they give guests a handy spot to keep their plates. You can also use these tables as stand for pots and planters. Create a multilevel effect by layering plants at different heights throughout your space. These tables are sturdy because of how compact they are, so they can easily handle the weight of heavy soil-filled containers. Just make sure the tables you choose are designed for outdoor use and are made from strong lumbers like cypress and teak.

Child’s Play…
…If you have kids, they can get a kick out of wooden side tables too because they’re just the right size.
Normal tables tend to dwarf children, and no child wants a big table in the middle of their play area. Side tables on the other hand, are perfect for playing house, having tea parties and storing their teddy bear collection.

Take a dip…
Believe it or not, wooden side tables are even useful in the bathroom. They keep your things off of the floor, so nothing gets wet or moldy. You can keep magazines, styling tools and more, or if you have an old-fashioned bathtub with no shelf space, a side table can tuck into the corner and house your shampoo and soap. It’s also a nice place to display your good hand towels, soaps, etc. when company comes over.

And now for bed…
…The last thing you think about before turning off the lights shouldn’t be the mess in your bedroom. Clean up your act with wooden side tables. One placed on each side of the bed make for ideal his and hers nightstands, perfect for bedside lamps, alarm clocks and books. You can also use these tables to keep your jewelry boxes, ties and other accessories that don’t have a spot.

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